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Union plumber tightens water connections on a job

Southwest Pipe Trades Association affiliated UA Local Union plumbers provide quality, local labor

When most people think of the pipe trades, they think of plumbing. This sector of the pipe trades industry helps to ensure the safety of millions of Americans, which is likely why this work comes to mind first.

The highly trained and highly skilled plumbers, who are members of the Southwest Pipe Trades Association affiliated UA Local Unions, install, repair and maintain drinking water and sanitary water systems, making them vital members of the pipe trades.

Their work protects the nation’s health by ensuring drinking water and wastewater systems function as designed.

The Southwest Pipe Trades Association supports a wide variety of plumbing work

Plumbers install, repair, service, and maintain potable water systems, which includes the systems that provide the water we consume, bathe in, clean and cook with, and in many instances, the water we use to dispose of sewage.

Contractors affiliated with SWPTA Local Unions are available to tackle any plumbing project in the region, which includes work at schools, medical facilities and businesses. Having highly trained plumbing professionals install and maintain the plumbing systems at hospitals, nursing homes and other industries is especially important, as these facilities have some of the most complex plumbing systems in existence. These systems often incorporate gas lines, heat pumps, solar thermal panels and more to heat the water.

Support for environmentally sustainable plumbing practices

The highly skilled and highly trained SWPTA affiliated Union plumbers are aware of the sustainability issues surrounding the plumbing industry and are ready to combat them.

The UA is dedicated to sustainability, and for that reason, many UA training centers now offer the Green Professional Building Skills-UA Certification Program. This type of training has helped prepare thousands of plumbers and other pipe trades professionals for what lies ahead as the U.S. takes hold of new building processes and technologies that promise a greener, more sustainable future.

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